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About us

Working at FOBTEC

If you are an innovative person, you will like to be a FOBTECAN. From the first day at FOBTEC will get the sense of recognition and you will lead different project that will directly impact the business. FOBTEC always support FOBTECANS through their career path and create the best development plans for them. Working in FOBTEC office will give the opportunity to meet more people with different professions which will make the environment more competitive. At FOBTEC we put our people first, they are our main and most important asset.

Working with FOBTEC you are no more employee you are a success partner.

At FOBTEC we do care about sustainability

FOBTEC always care for the environment, people and planet. At FOBTEC we do our best to reduce carbon emissions and reduce all paper use to look after our trees. Yes, it is small details, but it matters. FOBTEC select partners who work ethically as us and promote good practices looking forward to creating more ethical businesses.

Let’s innovate with FOBTEC

FOBTEC is a company of innovators, we look to get the new best solutions and idea for our customers, our people and for FOBTEC. It our responsibility create new solutions which can support our dynamic world.

Job creation

Since we started our trading and activities we looked after creating as many competitive jobs as we can to support the community and the economy. FOBTEC make the best training opportunities to develop our community skills and make them more productive and more efficient

Our Company

Future of Business for Systems and IT services (FOBTEC) is a S.A.E company in Egypt based New Cairo. FOBTEC offers different services such as: web design, web development, digital marketing, graphic design, ERP and CRM, project management and E-commerce website. Our main target is SMEs as we help them to develop and expand their businesses.

Still want to know more about us? Call us now and we are happy to discuss anything with you.