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Refund Policy

-My return is accepted, and my refund is validated, how and when I am going to get my money back?

FOBTEC always offer to refund with the same payment method but if you wish to refund using different method we can refund whether by cash, credit card, debit card and bank transfer.

*Kindly note that FOBTEC will need to authorise the change in the refund method from the original payer.

-I returned the product and it was not approved by quality, how do I get informed?

FOBTEC will take all reasonable steps to explain the reason for refusal by phone call or by email and will are to send the items back to you. If the delivery returns failed whether because you were unavailable or due to rejection the item will be stored at our warehouse for 1 month then you cannot claim it anymore.

-I bought an item on promotion, what amount will I get?

If you bought an item on sale, the amount refunded will be equal to the exact amount you paid not the original price of the item.

For example, if you purchased an item on sale and you paid EGP40 and its original price EGP80 you will get refund EGP40 which you actually paid.

-How long it will take to get my refund?

The refund will take maximum 14 days to appear in your bank account or to be delivered to you if want to get cash.

-Do I also get refunded for the delivery charge when returning a product?

If you returned a single product from the order the delivery charge will not be refunded. If you returned the whole order you will get refunded for the total amount paid.